Ubuntu Released the Mobile Version Operating System

Ubuntu released a mobile version of the operating system, Ubuntu (flash page flip) is a popular Lunux desktop open source operating system, has a large number of fans all over the world, the mobile version of Ubuntu is completely free open source, and is divided into two versions of the “regular edition” and “Premium”.


System-wide gesture operation, corresponding to each edge of the screen will be different operation, such as the short-term at the left edge of the screen, slide your finger can exhale program menu, right end of the slide from the left side of the screen you can display the current open applications, short screen right the sideslip hands is similar to the “return key” function.


The Ubuntu mobile system supports HTML5 web applications, each program can operate independently without the aid of the browser and have their own icons. Far has pioneered HTML5 web applications, such as vendors such as Google and Facebook. The official homepage Statement to support other programming languages ​​such as C, C + + (pageflip text), including Ubuntu mobile systems, and will provide the SDK package for developers to use. In addition to the above, Ubuntu One cloud synchronization service will log on to the system, users can share files between multiple devices.


The most characteristic of the system should also “Premium” mobile base of support, specifically when the phone cradle the phone’s content can be projected onto other devices, users can use the desktop version of Ubuntu systems compatible with the common application. Ubuntu Mobile Edition operating system equipped smart phones will be unveiled this year’s CES conference.


Ubuntu is the most attractive feature is the free and open source, but there are now mature free open source mobile operating systems: Android, and after years of development, has formed a feel larger the scale of the ecological environment, Ubuntu into the mobile space difficult foothold. For known for high-quality applications and games with iOS, developers may not be the interest payment applications ported to the new system for others to use free of charge.


Realistically speaking, Ubuntu even if he wanted a very slim chance to compete with iOS or Android, up Ubuntu will be accepted by some of the early fans, or be used as a cheap enterprise solutions limited budget enterprises use.



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